For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind

Provides annual protection against costly water heater scaling and sediment build-up.

Polyphosphate media prevents (sequesters) water hardness from scaling on hash heating surfaces.

A 5-micron filter reduces sediment, which can cause additional scaling throughout the hot water line. The unique micro-fiber filter construction delivers higher filtration eficiency and low rates. Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations.


Easy to mainteain.

Recommending to change the cartage annually annually

Best for Hot Water tanks and Power vent tanks

It is about convinience... 

Water Conditioners

Water Softeners are perfect for Calgary's hard water.



How a softener saves you money?


  1. Longer life for water using appliances due to the  reduction of build-up
  2. Less mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures
  3. Less laundry detergent usage
  4. Using less soap 
  5. Better for the skin & hair
  6. Brighter, cleaner, longer lasting
  7. Spot-free dishes & glassware
  8. Save up to 28% on water heating
  9. Use up to 40% less soap, shampoo
    & detergent.
  10. Save time & effort cleaning



No recomended for Hot Water Tanks.



Water Softener and Conditioners

185UF High Efficiency Softener

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