Energy Savings

Energy Savings Products that help you to Reduce your Energy Bills.

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Annual savings are based on annual savings per kBTU per hour of heating of 0.27 GJ.

Our Smart Thermostat HD offers a sleek touch screen display and works with other connected devices to optimize energy savings and deliver unmatched convenience.

Capable to add extra temperature sensors around your home as well water sensors.

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  • Saves 5 to 20% on heating costs
  • Eco-Friendly
  • CSA Certified
  • Gas Code Approved
  • Made in Edmonton AB Canada

Helps to reduce Air Leakage in your home

  • Up to 82% Efficient – provides a 29% increase in peak efficiency compared to a conventional PSC blower motors.
  • Exclusive Speed-sensing technology – allows the RESCUE EcoTech® motor to connect just like a traditional PSC motor
  • Fits a Wide Variety of Applications – Will work in both air handlers and furnaces and acceptsseveral mounting methods, including flex mounts
  • Wide Speed Range – Five available speeds insure contractors are able to easily meet the system’s airflow needs while a low 600 RPM fan speed provides quiet, efficient air circulation.

Dust and debris in the filter slows down the flow of air, forcing your heating or cooling system to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This wastes energy and adds to your utility bills

An HRV can recover (save) 65% to 85% or more of the heat energy from the outgoing air which directly reduces your energy bills.

An Upgrade recommended by Energy Auditor

Sense Energy Monitor
Helps to reduce Air Leakage in your homeGreener Homes Grant | Calgary Home Comfort

Undertanding how much energy your home is using. when and where, empowers you find savings. SENSE gives you the tools to break it downs and take action.

“If you can’t measure, you can;t improve it.”

Be the house on your block with the lights still on when the power goes out. If you have been without power before you know how terrible it can be. Plan for an extended power outage and protect everything that matters to you.

For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind

Annual savings are per installed drain water heat recovery pipe per household. Savings are calculated based on ThermoDrain TD338B.


Water Softener and Conditioners help with:

  • Maintaining efficient appliances
  • Reducing your soap use and cleaning duties
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Preventing scale buildup in your home’s pipes, in major appliances and on faucets, increasing their longevity and operational efficiency

Control and Automate your Home: Savings $$

  • Controlling your Heating Space and times with Sensors
  • Monitoring your Water with Smart Water Valve + Meter
  • Light and Appliance Control
  • Access doors and garage door controls.
  • Amana furnace and dry contact sensor and controls
  • And More
  • For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind




The Benefits of Financing Your HVAC Project

See how financing can make your HVAC more affordable, so you can get the upgrades you want and need without having to compromise your budget.

Why HVAC Upgrades?


Heating and Water Cooling are the 2 major appliances that consume energy in your home.

You really save money by upgrading your HVAC system, as well you will reduce your carbon tax fee.

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  • Affordable Units with easy monthly payments.
  • The Quietest Energy Savings
  • High-Efficiency Energy Saving That Saves You Money