Net Zero Homes In Calgary, AB

Net Zero Homes By Calgary Home Comfort

  • Net Zero relates to the reduction of Carbon Footprint used in your home to keep you comfortable in this modern life.
  • The idea of Net Zero is that homes can produce energy from Solar or Solar Thermal to power all their energy needs at home.
  • How do you become a Net Zero home:
    1. Improve the major appliances that consume the most of the energy:
      • Heating and Cooling System to a higher SEER
        1. Install a Cold Climate Heat Pump SEER 17++
        2. Install a High Efficient backup system for the really cold days
          • 96% of higher Efficiency Air Handler either Gas, Hydronic or Electric
        3. Annually Maintain your appliances
      • Install Hoyme Dampers or an HRV
      • Refrigerator
      • Washer and Dryer
      • Install a water conditioner
      • Maintain all your appliances annually

Passive Home

Passive housing is a voluntary standard of construction that can provide 90 percent energy savings.

The first passive house was designed by German physicist Wolfgang Feist and Swedish structural engineer Bo Adamson in 1988, but scientists and builders have been developing passive building principles since the 1970s

Five Key Areas of Passive House Principles

  • High insulation
  • Airtight enclosure
  • High-performance windows
  • Balanced ventilation and heat recovery – HRV
  • Solar orientation

Sources: Canadian Home Builders’ Association: NetZero Home

The Benefits of Financing Your HVAC Project

See how financing can make your HVAC more affordable, so you can get the upgrades you want and need without having to compromise your budget.

Why HVAC Upgrades?


Heating and Water Cooling are the 2 major appliances that consume energy in your home.

You really save money by upgrading your HVAC system, as well you will reduce your carbon tax fee.

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