Smart Garage Opener

Smart Car Tracking and Garage Opener

With any Connected and Protected package, you can add the car tracking device and the garage opener. All under the LTE network. Private and Safe.

What features are available with Connected Car?

Connected Car allows you to track your vehicle’s location, monitor its diagnostic health, and receive alerts for speeding, towing, and more—all from the Customer app.

Plus, because the Car Connector uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a backup battery, you get 24/7 awareness, even when the car is parked and the engine is off.

All with your same Subscription


Vehicle monitoring notifications

Connected Car allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location, diagnostics, and behavior. When you configure notifications, you’ll receive alerts about vehicle maintenance, unexpected movement, and more! Connected Car provides constant awareness and helpful insights, even when the car is parked with the engine off!

When adding a new notification, there is a new section for Cars.

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View real-time data

Maintenance alerts and real-time data in the mobile app help keep vehicles in good working order.

Garage Opener

LiftMaster devices can be added through the Customer Website.

The ability to see, open, and close the garage door from a security panel depends on the type of garage door control solution and security panel you have.

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