Leo V.

“To see is to believe” Mr. Aaron is a one-of-a-kind, hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgeable technical man who values his clients with high regard. He is efficient and very patient to explain in detail the this, and that issues concerning the equipment he is working on, and in just a short while I’m amazed and learned a lot from him, He doesn’t mind working even in the late hours attending to the needs of his customers. An environment-friendly person who also suggest and offers ways and means to cost savings & upgrade your system within your budget at a very reasonable price. Likewise, appreciates the professionalism and straightforward administration of Mrs. Silvia. I highly recommend that you try their services and see for yourselves the difference.

Vlad S.

Hi, Aaron came to my home and replaced what another HVAC guys has created before him. I have been using 6 years such as garbage! Aaron is extremely professional guy and a great person! Highly recommend him! If you need the QUALITY and not bla-bla-bla style of work, please take him! Thank you, Aaron and Calgary Home Comfort!

Catherine A.

We are glad we chose their company for this repair. Aaron and Silvia are such an amazing team!

Paul L.

We had an issue with our on-demand hot water heater that Aaron installed. He offered to come out that very night to fix it. He was quick to take ownership over the issue that was causing the problem and made the repair without question. He even offered to help us with a warranty issue with our thermostat even though he was not the one who installed it. I found my dealing with Calgary Home Comfort to be fast and very friendly. I have been very impressed with their customer service and will continue to use them in the future. Aaron is guy who stands by his word.

Jezzy C.

We had our thankless water heater service this morning by Calgary Home Comfort, Aaron is very knowledgeable about the product and performed a top-notch job.

Gail L.

We recently had Aaron over to do an annual furnace check. During his inspection, Aaron discovered that our air intake vent outside was blowing out hot air from the furnace due to an incorrect duct connection. Today Aaron and Fernandez came over and redirected the duct to become an air intake and best of all we are no longer heating the outdoors! He also installed a return air duct in our basement as this was missing. We will be heating our home more quickly and have better air circulation. Great job Aaron and Fernandez!!

Carla M.

Aaron explained how the Rinai tankless water heater would be serviced and all possible outcomes. The water heater is 15 years old and we anticipate replacing it soon. However, Aaron sorted out the problems and bought us time – possibly a year or more while we decide on the type of replacement. Aaron is cheerful and friendly and interested in teaching the homeowner about the equipment, the brand, and the options. Fantastic service. We could not be happier.

John K.

Replaced old water heater with Tankless Noritz unit and softener unit. Aaron was highly knowledgeable and extremely professional and informative throughout the whole process. Syliva in the office was awesome with prompt updates and pricing. A wonderful company and wonderful people that care at every step of the process.


“Aaron was simply amazing! He was on time and even called ahead of time to give us a heads up of when he would be coming to our house.”

Reed B.

“I started using Calgary Home Comfort on advice from Noritz as there are not many companies in Calgary who have the training to deal with the complicated…”

Andy C.

“Silvia and Aaron came through when we were stuck without hot water. Long story short-ish, our tank-less hot water heater stopped working.”