Smart Cameras and Video

Cameras and Video Monitoring

Provide Complete Visibility with Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring solution allows you to see what’s happening at their home or business property when they can’t be there.

Video Monitoring integrates seamlessly with any Protected and Connected Kit smart solutions, or it can be offered independently for customers who only want Video Monitoring.

Fully integrated IP video cameras give you security and monitoring in one easy package. With an extensive camera lineup, that offers live views from anywhere and secure stored clip access at any time, our video solution can meet your needs.

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With Video Monitoring Your Customers Get

  • Simple installation with EZinstall™
  • Live video and saved clips via web and mobile devices
  • Instant notifications when a clip is recorded
  • Secure offsite video storage
  • Alarm and sensor-triggered video recording
  • Indoor and outdoor IP camera options
  • IP Video Server retrofit for any analog camera
  • Intelligent video notifications that can detect people, vehicles, and animals (compatible cameras only*)
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    Outdoor Cameras


    Night Vision Camera


    Dome Camera


    Wellcam - Wellness 180 Degree HD Camera with Enhanced Zoom and Two-Way Audio (V622-WELL)


    Indoor Camera

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    • Affordable Units with easy monthly payments.
    • The Quietest Smart Cameras and Video
    • High-Efficiency Smart Cameras and Video That Saves You Money