ECM Motor

ECM Motor

ECM Motors are high efficient motors that are recommended to install in furnaces or air handlers that have Single Stage Motors.

Benefits of the ECM Motors are:

  • High Efficient
  • Save you energy/electricity
  • Multi-Speed
  • Quite

The High-Efficiency ECM Upgrade For PSC Blower Motors

The RESCUE EcoTech® motor is an ECM replacement for a PSC blower. Exclusive speed-control technology provides the efficiency of an ECM. Installation is a snap. RESCUE EcoTech drops into existing permanent split capacitor (PSC) direct drive blower applications, without complex wiring modifications or time-consuming changes to system controls.

Electronically Controlled Motor (ECM) technology gives RESCUE EcoTech motors up to 82% efficiency, saving 25% or more of the watts in A/C or heating mode and 75% of the watts in circulation mode. Updated designs are now dual voltage (115/230V) and multi-horsepower; so one size – or at most two – will fit all your needs.

Keeping your Single Stage PSC Furnace

Save in you electricilly bill when you upgrade your blower motor.


The Benefits of Financing Your HVAC Project

See how financing can make your HVAC more affordable, so you can get the upgrades you want and need without having to compromise your budget.

Why HVAC Upgrades?


Heating and Water Cooling are the 2 major appliances that consume energy in your home.

You really save money by upgrading your HVAC system, as well you will reduce your carbon tax fee.

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