For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind


With Connected and Protected you can add more hardward to your account, and automate your home.

What’s in a Connected+Protected Air kit?


Provides your home with a dedicated cellular network, connects all your devices, and creates a seamless experience with the Mobile App and website.


The Smart Thermostat HD offers a sleek touch screen display and works with other connected devices to optimize energy savings and deliver unmatched convenience.


Automatically adjusts to save energy when you’re out and the Sensor can adjust the temperature precisely where you need it.


Control lighting remotely and create automated schedules. Simply plug in a lamp and enjoy easy remote and pre-programmed lighting control.


Siren and Mobile App alerts can save lives. When integrated with the Smart Thermostat, it automatically shuts off the HVAC system to prevent CO from being produced or distributed.


Alerts you before your cooling system’s condensate pan overflows, allowing time to act before major water damage or mold growth can occur.


Protects your home by detecting water and notifying you immediately, so you can ensure that a small leak doesn’t become a big one.

A Smart Home, Made Simple

The Connected+Protected Air kit is an all-in-one system that makes it
easy for you to deliver a comprehensive smart home solution.

Responsive savings

Data from inside and outside the home allows our thermostat to automatically respond to activity, occupancy and weather patterns.

  • Places, our location-based automation rules, can trigger adjustments for savings when no one is home.
  • Integration with leading utility software platforms enables instant eligibility and easy enrollment in energy savings programs for reduced rates and rebates.
  • ENERGY STAR® certification gives your customers access to verified energy savings and utility company rebates.
Precision comfort

Using sensors across the home, set the temperature in any room, not just where the thermostat happens to be.

  • Seamless integration with Scenes helps optimize thermostat settings for the time of day or activity level.
  • Temperature Presets (Home, Away, Sleep) make it easy to set a comfortable, energy-saving schedule.
  • Create fan schedules or use local fan control to circulate air as needed.
  • Put Temperature Sensors in any room where precision comfort is desired, such as the baby’s room or master bedroom.
Intelligently connected

Our thermostat integrates with devices across the smart home for a rich user experience.

  • Activity from devices and sensors around the home is captured to make better decisions and more accurately optimize savings and comfort.
  • Triggered Automations allow the thermostat to respond automatically to other devices like the security panel or smoke sensors.
Environmental intelligence

Our thermostat senses more than just hot and cold. It provides a new layer of protection that safeguards homes and businesses.

  • With proactive monitoring, the thermostat protects the HVAC system and alerts homeowners to trouble conditions before system failures or expensive emergency repairs.
  • See real-time humidity levels and help prevent health risks and clean-up costs of mold by intelligently balancing humidity and temperature set points.
  • Instantly know about dangerously low or high temperatures. Temperature sensors installed in vulnerable areas extend protection throughout the home.
  • Remotely change the temperature, turn schedules on/off, or set to away mode for extended savings.

Connected and Protected High Definition Digital Thermostat

  • Adds Comfort and Peace of mind to your Home
  • Save Money in your Energy Bills
  • 5 Years warranty when installed by a US
  • LTE Network - ( Does Not use Wi FI )
  • Implement a whole house home automation
  • Smart Thermostat is included with the Kit
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