For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind



Expand your Connected+Protected kit to include smart locks, video, garage door controllers and more – all controlled with the same Mobile App.

See the full ecosystem of compatible devices.

Connected+Protected Lights

Provides energy-saving comfort while prolonging the lifespan of your expensive heating and cooling system by monitoring its performance.

Protects your home from costly water damage by detecting leaks and shutting off the water. Check the Mobile App to see your home’s water usage before the bill arrives.

Delivers energy-saving convenience. Location-based automation ensures you come home to a well-lit house and Smart Schedules make it appear someone is home during a vacation or night out.

And more

Air Kit
Water Kit

Smart Home Automation

A Smart Home. Made Simple

Our next-generation smart home solutions not only deliver the convenience you expect, but can also prevent water damage, avoid heating and cooling system failures, improve safety and reduce utility bills.

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