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Dennis Mondul
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Started her career as a Business Analyst  in different industries from mining Birch Mountain Resources , trasnportation Sater, retail in plumbing  Super ZAZ, real estate, builder companies like Garza Cavazos and Descon Homes in Calgary and Descon Resorts ( Join-venture building homes in Mexico Birds of Paradiese and Ajijic.


In 2016 since aquiring Calgary Home Comfort she has upgraded her skills and taking as much technical training in all the products we belive are energy efficient.


Silvia belives that as a HVAC contractator and having the knowlegde that energy efficient products exist, we can re-trofit better heating and cooling system in Calgaty reduce our cabon footprint and improve the life style of our clients.


We believe on our products  that we had installed them in our own home.

Aaron has many special interest book collection, some of the forgoten books that started the Energy Efficiency in the HVAC industry:

Since Aaron was eight years old he has been interested in how energy is made and how it is transferred.  At that time he had the opportunity to spend the summer at a work farm with a family freind in the central Alberta area which he gained allot of experience that year. 


The father of the family was fellow by the name of Dennis Read who was a local machanic / farmer.  Dennis had the majority of his home and shop off the grid with two smaller wind turbines that charged a wall of deep cell  storage batteries.  He used  a large AC/DC inverter for some of the electrical loads and others were DC at 24 VDC.  Much of the equipment was scrap parts that he was able to aquire from various surplus places to reduce his upfront costs being a service mechanic he was able to rebuild the systems he required.  What Aaron mostly learned was any system you develop and use it was most important to be efficient in compnents that consumed the energy to ensure long lasting energy. 


From that time Aaron spent a life-long researching and learning to this day on ways to improve operating efficiencies in energy systems and not be wasteful. 


By the time Aaron finished high school he had established himself in the carreer in Power Engineering and achieved  the 4th class power engineer certificate from ABSA. In fact he had to get special conditions to be waived to do being under 18 at the time.  He worked tireless to achieve good grades and worked several part time jobs, pumping gas, delivering pizzas and evn had a small bussiness installing high end car stereos.


Aaron went to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to complete the 3rd class Power Engineering certification .  While at SAIT he had met one of his mentors by the name of Phillip Williams (P. Eng) who was an Engineer from UK that introduced Aaron to Energy Management and energy efficiency principles.   One of the technologies was the use of heat pumps to extract energy for one source  then to be re-used in elsewhere, instead of wasting it to the atmosphere.  


Another topic that Aaron to was obsorbtion chillers and absorbtion type of heat pumps.   This is where Water is mixed with a salt solution of lithium bromide (LiBr) and water is boiled off as the refrigerant in a vessel that is less than atmospheric.    These type of chillers use very little electricity in comparison to modern chilllers and they are super quiet to operate and use a heat source like steam instead of a compressor.


After some time of graduating and gaining valuable experience in a variety of industriesof a power sector Aaron had the futune to work for a majar power producer using Coal fired power plant that produced superheated steam to generate up to 600 MW to be used to power a good portion of Calgary base load.   Aaron decided his hunger for knowledge caused him to return to school first to upgrade his marks then continue studies.  This time with Automation and he attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Alberta (NAIT) for a 2 year Instrumentation Engineering Technology diploma program.  Aaron worked over 25 years as a Control Systems specialist attaining Certified Engineering Technologist (CET).  Aaron has mostly worked as a contractor and gained vast experience on many industries Power, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Refineries, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, to Oil sands, and commercial HVAC.  Even though Aaron had excellent skills and experience while working in the oil and gas he again would find himself without work do to the fact he was a contractor.


In 2016 Aaron along with his life partner Silvia purchased Calgary Home Comfort and have never had been without work.  Aaron a signed on as Gas fitter B then later Gas "A" acheiving the Deans award for outstanding achievement for the top student.


Aaron sees the HVAC industry very challenging and can use allot of his background and experiences to implament projects and solve problems in the HVAC industry.


On a personal note: Aaron competed in professional Armwrestling and acheived a World Champion status in 1994 and had been considered one of the top 5 in the World between the years 1994 -1997.   He was a traveler spreading the word of armrestling and coached many well know armwrestlers still active today how it can be benefit in personal development both mentally and physically. 


In 1997 he retired from armwrestling got married to Silvia that same year.   Since then he lived in Calgary and has raised a family of 3 boys, Aaron , Fernando, amd Ricardo.

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