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SPRING 2023 Special

We are formally trained on Heat Pumps

We have been installing and operating  Heat Pumps since  the 1980s

Install an AMANA  Heat Pump  and you will get a Wifi AprilAire 8920W Thermostat Value $1,000.
While Quantites last.

Why Calgary Home Comfort

Aaron Lengyel has been working with heat pumps since 1980. Aaron's first career as a Power Engineer he 


Instrumentation anc Controls

All Electric HVAC

Up to $5,000

A heat pump is a year-round space conditioning system that provides heating and cooling. An
air-source heat pump moves heat energy from inside to outside in the summer and outside to
inside in the winter

Working Schedule of a Heat Pump

January       -     Heater up to -10 C

February     -     Heater up to -10 C

March           -     Heater up to -10 C

April               -     Heater up to -10 C

May                 -    Heater and Air Conditioner

June                -    Heater and Air Conditioner

July                  -     Air Conditioner

August           -     Air Conditioner

September   -    Heater and Air Conditioner

October        -     Heater up to -10 C

November   -     Heater up to -10 C

December   -     Heater up to -10 C


Using a heat pump in Calgary  may save you up to

68.15 GJ/Year


Heat pump is used 95% of the year! 


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