Greener Homes Grant

Greener Homes Grant

A new concept? A new government initiative?

In April 1997 the President of The United States Mr. Carter said: ” From now on, we must make sure that new buildings are as (energy) efficient as possible, and that old buildings are equipped, or “retrofitted”, with insulation and heating systems that dramatically reduce the use of fuel”.

In 1997 the publisher Professional Builders edited the first book titled:

” Energy and the Builder” A compendium from a professional builder magazine on the energy shortage and its effects on housing”.

In this Blog, we will review the views of the contents from 1973 to 1977, yes almost 50 years ago.

Why a heating and cooling company writes about the 1973 Energy Crisis…. well dedicating 7 pages only for Heating Systems, especially on heat pumps, must say something now that the Federal Government of Canada is offering up to 5,000 dls on Grants.

Calgary Home Comfort is dedicated to saving you money with “energy savings products” and, highly efficient furnaces and heat pumps are one of them.