For your Home Comfort and Peace of Mind


Connected and Protected Water

Your piece of mind Connected and Protected Water package includes:

  1. Samrt Water Valve and Meter
  2. Smart Hub
  3. Water Leakage sensor (3)
  4. Smart Plug


Help Prevent Water Damage

Our customers prevent costly water damage to their homes with Water Management. This comprehensive feature set allows for the monitoring of water sensors and valves throughout your customer’s home, providing another layer of home security and awareness.

With Water Management, your customers can also monitor sump pump activity. With a Z-Wave Heavy-Duty Smart Switch (HDSS) and a water sensor paired together, customers will be alerted when their sump pump is not running or if the water level is too high.

The Water Management add-on is available free with the Interactive Gold service package. You only need to add it to the account and the options will show for the customer. Customers can also use the latest version of the Building36 mobile app for remote monitoring and control of select Water Management features.

With Water Management our customers can:

  • Check the status of Z-Wave Shut-off valves and water sensors
  • Open and close Z-Wave shut-off valves remotely
  • Automatically shut off the water when a water sensor is activated
  • Receive an alert when water is detected by a sensor
  • Turn off water if a flood sensor is activated
  • Monitor operation of sump pumps and receive an alert if there is an issue
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