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About Us

•Calgary Home Comfort provides Excellent Customer Service on High efficient HVAC products and services to help homeowners save money and improve comfort in their homes on every system installed, service call or  each annual maintenance service.


•Calgary Home Comfort is the best service provider of high efficient residential and commercial products.


Leadership Core Values Statement

•Deliver WOW Through Service

•Embrace and Drive Change

•Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded

•Pursue Growth and Learning

•Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

•Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

•Do More With Less

•Be Passionate and Determined

•Be Humble


We are a SERVANT Company. 

Our purpose is to provide excellent energy efficient HVAC services and products.


To Calgary and area residential market only.

Calgary Home Comfort started in 1997 providing plumbing services and installing HOYME dampers, this piece of equipment is know for keeping your home comfortable in the winter while reducing outside air to the combustion pot and outside air make up at the same time can save energy in your home.   By installing both the Combustion damper and the fresh air damper with the Mid efficient furnaces at that time.  We still offer the Hoyme products to this day as an energy efffienct option.   See our more above Hoyme dampers in the energy savings products.


In 2003 we started installing Furnaces, and Air conditioners as a complement of their Energy Efficiency and Comfort first with the high quality Amana branded products and then later the more popular Lennox.  We also began to install other energy saving products like Tankless and programmable thermostats.


In 2016 Aaron and Silvia adquiered Calgary Home Comfort and continue with the Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Piece of Mind 


Today we still believe in that phylosophy and continue to bring to homeoweners the best Energy

efficient products we belive in.


After adquiring Calgary Home Comfort, in 2017 we started installing Heat Pumps, High Efficient Combi Boilers, Heating and Air conditioning automation, drain water heat recoveries, high efficient rescue motors and many other products that today 6 years later the City of Calgary and Federal Government are started to implement.


We are quietly recognized as the small family business that provides High Efficient Energy products and great technical and customer service.




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